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My name is Greg Carpenter, and as a Restaurant Professional & Chef I have been looking for that perfect Job without the crazy hours. Then 2 years ago I heard about a Bill that was being passed around in Sacramento. THE CALIFORNIA COTTAGE LAW ACT. A chance to work from home? More time with my Family? A Restaurant Professionals Dream. I started doing research and followed this bill closely Law.

I have collected all the paperwork you need to start your own Cottage Law Business

Why did I start this Website?


I have set up Restaurants & Bars from the ground up, and once I compiled all this information, I couldn't believe how easy it is for someone like you to set up their own Cottage Law Kitchen. So, I started this website to help you find all the information they need to start your own Cottage Law Kitchen. In our home we use Natual, Organic, products and the traditions passed down from generation to generation with our special recipes. You can produce that same kind of quality of products you have made your whole life and make money with them too. I doubt you will find that kind of care in the products you find at your local grocery store.


I always had a passion in my early days of cooking making hard candy, and now I have the chance to make those creations in my own Home Kitchen and sell them at Restaurants, Farmer's Markets and yes on my own website.


This information shouldn’t be sold for $99, like you see with other websites. I want everyone to get this information immediately, get their paperwork signed, and thrive with their business.


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